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Day One – #write365

To ease myself back into writing everyday for 365 days, I’m in search of a good flash fiction prompt site. I just finished up a rather large and stressful project at work (literally – the show site launched today), and we’re currently iced-in until at least Friday here in the ATL. My brain needs a bit of a refresher before heading back into my two WIP, clear out the cobwebs

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Flash Fiction – Doll Heads

I’ve been trying to write on the two pieces I have up at BookCountry, so I’ve been remiss with keeping up with my Flash Fiction. So when I saw the amazing Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) tweet a reminder that his Flash Fiction Challenge was due on Friday at noon, I had to jump on it. What’s the challenge this week, you ask? Just this picture: My contribution is below the fold.

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Flash Fiction Friday, Cycle 30; Comes the Dawn

I’m a slacker, as many of you are completely familiar with. But I’ve been trying to get back into not only the habit of writing, but to get better at writing outside of my comfort level. Flash Fiction is one of those things that seem to be allowing me to get off my butt and write, but also gives me an outlet to give some styles, plots and time periods

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