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I knew there was something that was out there to help me kick the habit of not writing anything other than work documentation, and the amazing Peter sent me the tweet that hopefully kick-starts me doing SOMETHING other than work with #write365. The goal is to pick a day, and just write. Every day. Share whenever you’d like (daily, weekly, monthly), but above all else, write. Peter’s got a site set up over at

For those few of you still out there, remember when I used to do that? Yeah… me too.

So, I might as well jump into the deep-end of the pool. My date is tomorrow, February 12, 2014. I’ll keep writing for 365 days, even if it’s only a couple of lines. I like to think of it as a Couch-to-5k program for my writing.

Want to join in? Take a look at the Rules of #Write365 and give it a thought.

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