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Day One – #write365

To ease myself back into writing everyday for 365 days, I’m in search of a good flash fiction prompt site. I just finished up a rather large and stressful project at work (literally – the show site launched today), and we’re currently iced-in until at least Friday here in the ATL. My brain needs a bit of a refresher before heading back into my two WIP, clear out the cobwebs and jump back into at least one of those worlds.

As my archives suggest, I seem to work better with an image as part of the prompt (see: Doll Heads and Comes the Dawn), so I’ve been attempting to find something that would pique my interest. So far the only thing that I keep coming back to is I Dare You to Write over at Tumblr, who I think might be just the thing to start out with. If you know of any others, though, throw a link in the comments, would ya?

There – look at that – I posted two days in a row. Gotta start somewhere, even if it’s starting small. Thinking outside of the 140-character box is hard, yo.