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Day Four – Playing Catch-up on Catch-ups

I was all set and ready to update on here last night that OMG, I actually WROTE THINGS… and then I got distracted thanks to the 4.4 magnitude earthquake that hit SC/GA. We actually didn’t feel anything of import from it in Atlanta, to the point that I had to find out we’d had an earthquake from my social feeds.

BUT I WROTE THINGS. Small things, but things nonetheless. I pulled open my Romantic Suspense and modified a section that I was having trouble with the last time I touched it. Not much, but I will state for the record here that had it not been for Peter and his tweet, that wouldn’t have happened anytime soon.

I still don’t think I’m ready to do a deep-dive back into the novels, so I’m still on the hunt for some good flash fiction prompt sites. Let me know if you have any go-tos when blocked.

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“Day Four – Playing Catch-up on Catch-ups”