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February 2014

Checking In

So many things going on lately – I just realized that I hadn’t posted any updates for #write365. I’ve been going back through and revising piecemeal on the Romantic Suspense, but it’s been quite minimal. Still better than the alternative, right? Work has been… well, work. I did start a Google Drive to throw the random prompts that I come across into… while I’ve got my long-form Nanowrimo idea doc

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The Parting Glass

I lost a friend today. CindieLee Hendon, who saw me through some of my extreme lows and highs as I left teen years and headed into adulthood, died today. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. So close to the first anniversary of my mother’s death, I just don’t think a part of me will allow for me to start processing this just yet. Instead, it swirls memories

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Day Four – Playing Catch-up on Catch-ups

I was all set and ready to update on here last night that OMG, I actually WROTE THINGS… and then I got distracted thanks to the 4.4 magnitude earthquake that hit SC/GA. We actually didn’t feel anything of import from it in Atlanta, to the point that I had to find out we’d had an earthquake from my social feeds. BUT I WROTE THINGS. Small things, but things nonetheless. I

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Day Two – Do Estimates Count as Writing?

Things have been crazy today – We started with a heavy snow layer that sat upon the ice that had come in yesterday, then seeing those elusive blue skies and bright sunshine to start the thawing out process. We’re finishing out the day here in Atlanta going back below freezing just so we can wake up to not-great roads for another day. Meanwhile, I was working. I wish I could

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Day One – #write365

To ease myself back into writing everyday for 365 days, I’m in search of a good flash fiction prompt site. I just finished up a rather large and stressful project at work (literally – the show site launched today), and we’re currently iced-in until at least Friday here in the ATL. My brain needs a bit of a refresher before heading back into my two WIP, clear out the cobwebs

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I knew there was something that was out there to help me kick the habit of not writing anything other than work documentation, and the amazing Peter sent me the tweet that hopefully kick-starts me doing SOMETHING other than work with #write365. The goal is to pick a day, and just write. Every day. Share whenever you’d like (daily, weekly, monthly), but above all else, write. Peter’s got a site set

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Two Fourteen p.m.

I may not always remember all of the details of today. Most days, I hope that I don’t. At 2:14pm ET on February 6, 2013, my mother died. I’ve been sitting, staring at that last sentence for over an hour. What else is there to say? A year ago my mother died. The rational part of my brain knows that this is just part of the cycle, but that doesn’t

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