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For the First Day of Nano, my True Love Gave to Me…

A stressed-out day of work and meetings.

Well, I wouldn’t really call work my “True Love”, but work with me here, people. There’s a reason we call it “Meeting Monday” around here…

Today’s the first day of National Novel Writing Month, and I’m already behind because I needed to get to sleep before midnight last night. I had such grand plans for redesigning this site to be more about writing and pop culture, and less how it began in 2003 as my personal venting space. Well, the redesign is sitting half done on my hard drive, but at least I’m writing again here.

Oh, and about Nano this year? I’m revisiting an idea that failed back in 2007 from scratch. I was working on a rather large redesign that year, but the idea kept coming back to me over and over again since then, so I thought I’d re-attempt with a little more forethought and planning this time around. So, you say, what’s this great idea?

The world is full of magic. Most people, however, can’t sense or use it. The few who can are clairvoyants, psychics, etc. All fairly standard fare. Here’s where it gets different. Main character is living a normal, if boring, life in a seemingly prosaic world. What he(she) doesn’t know is he actually “neutralizes” magic. Cancels it. A magical blackout sort of surrounds him. A psychic couldn’t read him, for instance. Nor, in fact, could a psychic read anyone or anything within the envelope of the blackout . “Luck”, both good and bad, doesn’t function. His immediate world actually is a world without magic.Now, the setup: The Main character runs into character two, who latches onto him… finds excuses to stay around him, and so forth. This person moves in circles that sense & use magic, and is running from certain others (the antagonist(s)) from that same society. She’s (He’s) spotted the blackout surrounding the main character, or course, and doesn’t want to leave that protection. So your main character just wants to live his normal life, and doesn’t quite know how to shake this kook who’s latched onto him. She, on the other hand, desperately needs to stay hidden within his envelope of no-magic, while at the same time she’s being tracked down by the baddies.

I’m tempted to go beyond just this one-off for Nano and do some real series-worthy world-building with this urban fantasy. We’ll see, as I’ve always treated Nanowrimo as a litmus test for whether a story idea would end up being worthwhile.

Anyway, good luck to anyone else attempting Nanowrimo this year, and while you’re at it, wish me a little too, alright?