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December 2008

See Ya, 2008?

I?ve decided that Twitter and Facebook, hell, all social media, is killing my ability to post on here anymore. So what I?ve decided is to resurrect my former attempt at 101 Things in 1001 Days, using the lovely Miss Zoot?s list as a model to help me from getting too overwhelmed with the list as I did last time. I?ll see about posting it as soon as I finish the

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Houses, Houses Everywhere

Ever since the landlady made us aware of the fact that she was thinking of putting the house we?re currently renting on the market, I?ve been toying with the idea of biting the bullet and buying my first house. BabyDaddy can?t be on the mortgage, as he?s been out of work for the majority of the year, so it would be for me to carry the purchase of a house.

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