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April 2008

Dresden, Harry Dresden

If anyone wonders where I?m at for at least the next 24 hours, here?s your answer. I know that my stepfather over in Alien-land is doing the same thing as I am. I?ve usually been waiting until the books come in a set and getting them off of, but I really couldn?t wait until this one came out to be that cheap. And, yes, I?m just enough of a

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No Time for a Title

Blah, blah, blah? whine, whine, whine? bitch, bitch, bitch. Ok, I?ve got that out of my system now. I just actually read through my front page, and realized that I completely suck. Outside of the whole Moleskine thing, which I?m doing everything in my power not to purchase 12 of them at once. Let?s sum up, shall we? BabyDaddy is still out of work. And that?s a post in and

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