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January 2008

WP Gurus Needed

I futzed around yesterday, trying to recover my archives, and while I think I might still have my old MT entries somewhere on the old laptop, I think everything since I made the switch to WordPress (whenever that was, because I can?t really look it up right now, can I?) is gone. Or at least, not bloody well accessible to me. I keep getting a 500 error every time I

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So yeah? there?s been a problem the last few days with the blog, which has so far made me completely re-load WordPress. Let?s see if I can get any of my archives back.

When it Rains?

It floods. Oh, Georgia may still be in a drought, but my bathroom was filled to the brim with water when I came home from work today, as the toilet tank has a gorgeously long crack that runs from the top right corner of the tank to mid-way where the tank attaches to the bowl and under that connection. After using up all the towels in the house and some

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All Grown Up

This morning was the first morning that Elizabeth allowed me to drop her off at the front doors of her school instead of walking her into class. I?ve been looking forward to this day since she started Kindergarten, because I thought it was the next step in her growing up to be able to do simple things like get to class by herself, and we?ve been talking about January being

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