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August 2007

The Great Kindergarten Round-up

Today is Orientation Day for Elizabeth?s kindergarten. Kindergarten. Didn?t she just start walking? When did this happen? I?m still trying to sort out how I feel about this whole ?growing up? thing that Elizabeth is bound and determined to do. I?ve already been told by her that she wants to ride the bus to school, not to be driven, and that I?m not invited. BabyDaddy or I will still drive

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Aliens everywhere

So I finally broke down and retired my antique Dell Inspiron 1100 since I?ve been doing some overtime via VPN, and my old computer was going to kill me, I think. So now I?ve got an Area 51 M5550 from Alienware, which means that I?ve got Alien branding coming out of the rafters now. BabyDaddy?s been giving me a little grief since I want to put one of the alien-head

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