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May 2007

I?m a Buckhead Betty Now

There?s so much that is just floating around in my brain, I think it?s time for another Random Bullet List?. Did anyone watch Heroes last night? My normal Heroes guest didn?t come over, so I really need to share with someone my love of this show. I?m dreaming about work. That scares me a little. But, in my dream, I did win the lottery, so I could tell the Working

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Happy Mother?s Day

I want to send out a joyous ?Happy Mother?s Day? to everyone. What is my special plans for Mother?s Day? Well, I?m at work, basically playing ?put out fires? for the day because of a major sporting event that?s finishing up today. And, just to make matters a little more interesting, I volunteered for this gig today. I had actually forgotten that today is Mother?s Day when I signed up

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Last Night

I got an email from Shaun over at Shaunomac Radio to see if I was interested in being on his radio show again, along with executive producer Carol Barbee and creator/writer Jon Steinberg. As I said over on Watching Jericho, insert your favorite fan-girl squeal here. Anyway, he also invited me back for the post-finale show on Thursday too. You can find out more information about that one over at

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