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May 2007

Rock and A Hard Place, Sort-of

I can?t remember if I posted anything about this, and from a quick glance, I can?t find anywhere that I?ve posted this, but Big Ol? News is going forward with the paperwork to hire me full-time. I?m still on the fence about how I feel about this, but it?s not like I?m going to turn it down, since I?ve become accustomed to a regular (and good) paycheck. The Pros: I

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Sometimes I?m Happy, Sometimes I?m Sad

I?m trying to figure out how I feel about the fact that I?m at work this morning, instead of still sleeping in my oh-so-comfy bed. It?s nice that it wasn?t an issue at all about getting here this morning, as traffic was almost non-existent, and it?s nice that everything?s so quiet at the moment. But then again, I am at work. On a holiday. While BabyDaddy preps to take Elizabeth

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Childless for the Duration

This morning I got up at 4 a.m. and took my mother and Elizabeth to the airport, sending them off for two weeks to the Land of the Aliens (AKA Roswell, NM) to spend some time with my stepfather. Last night, Elizabeth got a little weepy because she said that she?d miss me, but this morning, between the lack of real sleep and the amazement at the Atlanta airport, she

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Efficiency Vs. Procrastination

Where the hell did the weekend go? Oh yeah? Friday – Went to my first-ever MLB (Braves vs. Tigers) game, thanks to last-minute tickets given to me by one of my coworkers. BabyDaddy was a little confused that I had any interest in baseball, but I knew that Elizabeth would enjoy it, but there would need to be someone there who didn?t care all that much if they missed most

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Kick In The Ass

Life is completely kicking my ass at the moment. Big Ol? Redesign at Big Ol? News is kicking my ass. Trying to keep up with blog posts over at my other blogs, along with just making them worthwhile to read is kicking my ass. Trying to keep up with everything else is kicking my ass. Wanting one day that my head doesn?t feel like it?s about to split open to

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Dear Hero in Prison?

I was just on Ticketmaster, looking for anything interesting that BabyDaddy might enjoy tickets to for Father?s Day, when I come across the fact that Morrissey is playing at Chastain Amphitheater on July 20th. The problem is that they?re only on sale for a limited time, and I really want a table (6-person), so I?m not sitting on those horrid metal seats. Ok, people? anyone interested in going in with

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My Mailbox Exploded

I?ve been meaning to post all week, but my emails just won?t let me alone. Why? Jericho has been cancelled.

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