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December 2006

Watching Jericho

So, I told y’all that I was invited to write for 451 Press, and I’m proud to announce that I’m writing for Watching Jericho. I’ve declared my love for this show before, and I hope that I do a good job of it over there. So, if it gets a little quiet over here, you know where to look, m’kay?

I *heart* Tina Fey

I knew that there was a reason that I liked Tina Fey, and not just because of Mean Girls, or making “Weekend Update” palatable. She revealed that Paris Hilton asked the writers to make a skit in which she could play Jessica Simpson “because I hate her?she’s fat.? Fey also claims that Paris was so self-centered that staffers had a bet going on as to whether she would ask anyone

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Sick, Sick, Sick

Sick. Ugly, snotty, can’t breath and horribly cold sick. I’m trying to get through my to-do list, but I’m failing miserably.