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November 2006

Sunday Afternoon

I was up far too late last night trying to update my wordcount on my Nano novel, and I’ve been paying for it all day. Elizabeth and I went over to my grandmother’s house this morning, then came back to pick up BabyDaddy and get over to Lenox Square for Elizabeth and her cousin to ride the Pink Pig. (Click the link, otherwise you’ll go into this as clueless as

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All Work and No Play

Saturday is traditionally a day that I don’t post to the blog, but I’m trying everything to remember to do it because of NaBloPoMo. Saturday is my “slam all my errands into one day” day usually, though that’s been thrown to hell since Elizabeth’s birthday two weeks ago. My laundry that needs to be done weighs more than her at the moment, and we’ll soon be eating the last box

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The Cold Has Numbed My Brain

For any of y’all coming over from the NaBloPoMo listing, welcome and grab your beverage of choice. I’m getting a goodly amount of hits from the randomizer, which is pretty cool. As most mornings, I was thinking of what I was going to write here on my walk from the train station to the campus, though this morning it was a little difficult to stay on task because it is

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Isn’t She Pretty in Pink

Principal: If you give off signals that you don’t want to belong, people will make sure that you don’t. I’m wearing a vest today, which on my walk from the train station to school this morning made me think about some of my fashion choices in the past. The vest I’m currently wearing is on the tight side, but in that respect, I’m a true believer in accentuating my chest

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Day One – For Lots of Things

Ok, so my Nano blog is labeled, “Why Do I Do This To Myself?”, right? And, then I went and signed up for NaBloPoMo too, because I hate love myself Just. That. Much. This morning has already been chock full o’ stress, from finally remembering to get my student loan payment in the mail, then a trip to the bank ATM to deposit checks, go pick up my monthly MARTA

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