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June 2006


I’m irritated. Extremely irritated. Because some people have decided to change their mind because they might be slightly inconvenienced by a responsibility, while it’s perfectly ok for me to be inconvenienced at any time. Bah. Prick.

On Injuries and Damage to Self

Yesterday, BabyDaddy showed up early from work, and it took me a moment to figure out that his shirt was torn in a few places. He had fallen while out surveying into a chain-link fence, and it looked as if a bear had attacked him on his chest and arms. While he was in pain, generally he was alright, and this morning, the scratches and bruising was better. When he

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Hoping against Hope

I’m feeling better, but my silence over here has been more for being too busy to think than anything else. I’m waiting to hear back from a 3-month gig, I’m working on my smaller projects from, and I’m getting an application in the mail from a local college to teach some web and graphic design classes at night. While I’m extremely low on money at the moment, I’m thinking

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